Response to COVID-19

Just like everyone else, the PRC is making temporary changes to our operations in hopes of flattening the COVID-19 infection rate and easing the burden on our front-line medical providers and the medical systems. We want our medical heroes to be in the best possible position to care for COVID-19 emergency cases as well as continue to manage other medical and life threatening emergencies like heart attacks, strokes, the flu, etc.

We also want to limit the potential exposure to our clients who do have compromised immune systems and therefore would be more vulnerable to COVID-19 complications. At the same time, we want and need to provide them with essential services in order to maintain their health.

And of course we value our staff and families and are working hard to limit their exposure and any possible negative impacts that might occur.

While these changes will create some inconveniences, we are happy to cooperate with our professional leaders (the CDC, ISDH, and the Fort Wayne – Allen County Department of Health) who are providing clear recommendations and directives in the name of public health.

At this point, until further notice, the PRC will be

• Open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 to 5 p.m. and closed on Fridays.
• Limiting in-person appointments to essential/critical only
• Cancelling all off-site community outreach educations and testing
• Providing HIV testing on a limited essential-need basis and must be by appointment
• Navigating PrEP services on a case by case analysis
• Maintaining our food pantries for clients by appointments
• Maintaining health insurance re-certifications/enrollments
• Maintaining access to medical care and prescriptions

If you have any questions or special needs please feel free to call us at 260-744-1144. We encourage all of you to take COVID-19 seriously but without panic and despair. Now…go wash your hands.



Jeff Markley
Executive Director