AIDS Walk 2019

AIDS Walk 2019 – “What’s Your story?”

AIDS Walk 2019 is kicking off the “What’s Your Story?” project.  Following last year’s superhero theme, this year we’re focusing on the real, everyday heroes: our people. “What’s your story?” will showcase the people of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana living with HIV, volunteers and workers in the industry, loved ones of those living with HIV and those we’ve lost, and anyone with a story to tell of their experience with HIV/AIDS.   

Michael was unexpectedly diagnosed with HIV in 2006 during a visit to his doctor when he’d fallen ill. He talks about disclosing his status to friends, having children, and the challenges he faces today living with HIV.

Gregory Stieber brought Indiana teen Ryan White back to life in an incredible youth theater production titled “The Kid from Kokomo” here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hear his story of teaching youth about HIV/AIDS, Ryan White and the adversity and challenges he overcame to simply receive an education, and bringing an intense subject to the stage.

When Emily’s grandfather was diagnosed with HIV in the early 90s, it shocked her Catholic family. Knowing what she knows now, Emily takes us back to learning a new truth about who her grandfather was, how life changed, and their final moments together in the hospital. *WARNING: There is some graphic content described in the video (5:536:15) that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Stephen J. Bailey grew up in a conservative household, with little to no sex education. As a closeted gay man growing up during the height of the AIDS crisis, he carried a lot of fear and misinformation before visiting the Positive Resource Connection and learning the facts.

Della Lish started volunteering at the AIDS Task Force back in its early years. Since then, the support hasn’t faltered. Whether she’s donating money from her performances, educating peers, sharing info over social, and this year, heading up the After Dark’s 30th Annual AIDS Benefit: One Million Voices Strong, Della has been an integral part of the PRC.

James volunteers on the Positive Resource Connection’s AIDS Walk Committee. He shares his personal story of what HIV/AIDS means to him, his experience dating someone living with HIV, and why he walks to raise money for HIV/AIDS services in northeast Indiana.