We are currently seeking clerical volunteers. Click here to learn more!


Volunteers are very important to us! Due to the nature of our services, however, the Positive Resource Connection is not able to utilize volunteers for direct services for our Care Coordination or Outreach Services Department. The Positive Resource Connection does offer indirect volunteer opportunities for anyone who is interested in volunteering. These opportunities include:


If you like answering phones, making testing folders, or helping with mailings then this is an opportunity for you!

Helping with Events

We are always looking for motivated people to be a part of our Annual AIDS Walk. This could include being a part of the AIDS Walk Committee, getting a team, or helping the day of. No matter what, we would love to have you be a part of our AIDS Walk.


Straightening storage areas, mowing lawn, cleaning, or organizing our MAC pantry.

Hosting a Pantry Party

The Positive Resource Connection is always in need of food for our Manifold Pantry. If you’re having people over for a cookout or party, why not ask them to bring nonperishable food item for our pantry? This is a great way to have fun and help at the same time.

Making Soap

Yes! Making soap is a great way to bring friends and family members together to learn how to make laundry soap. It’s an easy and inexpensive way for us to have laundry detergent available to our clients. Plus you can learn how to make it yourselves!

To volunteer for any of the above opportunities, please call our office at 260.744.1144 or send us a message.