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The PrEP Process

First Appointment

PRC's prevention coordinator Timothy stands with arms crossed

PRC’s Biomedical Prevention Coordinator, Timothy Price

1. Intake and assessment
PrEP navigator will set up your profile and discuss details about PrEP and the PrEP navigation process. Including any financial assistance programs you qualify for.

2. Testing
PrEP requires a blood draw to assess your HIV status, kidney and liver functions, and screen for STIs.

Second Appointment

3. Meet with your provider
You will meet with a provider to review your test results. Together you will decide if PrEP is a good fit, and you will receive a prescription.

4. Fill your prescription
Get your prescription filled at your chosen pharmacy. Begin taking PrEP and let your PrEP Navigator know if there are any problems or concerns.

5. Follow up
Your PrEP navigator will contact you in three months to schedule follow up testing.

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