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Truth in 20

HIV Testing at Positive Resource Connection

We understand you may be feeling overwhelmed.  Our free and confidential HIV testing is offered in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment.  Check out how the 20-minute process works below, or keep scrolling to see more testing options.

Wait a minute, what is HIV and do I need to get tested?

1. Call 

Call (260) 744-1144 or email [email protected] to make a testing appointment.  We also accept walk-in testing Monday-Friday, check here for our office hours.

2. Check in 

When you arrive to the office and check in at the front desk, an HIV testing coordinator will meet you in the lobby and accompany you to their office.

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3. Meet your testing coordinator 

Once inside their private office, they will ask some questions. While we understand that the nature of some of these questions, including sexual history or other personal habits, may be a sensitive topic for some, we encourage you to be open and honest with your testing coordinator. We are a judgment-free zone and are here to help.

4. Test 

With just a small drop of blood from the tip of your finger, the test will be administered with initial results arriving in about one minute.

5. Discuss results 

Once the test is complete, your HIV testing coordinator will discuss the results and next steps.

  • Getting tested puts the power of your sexual health back in your own hands.  Our office is a safe space and your test results are completely confidential.

    Charity Storey

    Charity Storey

    Director of Education and Testing

I can’t come in for a test during your office hours, what are my other options?