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Hepatitis C Care Coordinator

Posted 2/20/23

Job Title:              Hepatitis C Care Coordinator
Department:      Outreach Services
FTE:                       1.0 (40 hours per week)
Reports to:         Director of Grants, PrEP, and Viral Hepatitis
FLSA Status:       Exempt
Supervises:         N/A

Scope of Work:

The Hepatitis C Care Coordinator will work with staff and management of the Positive Resource Connection (PRC) in providing high-quality, coordinated, strength-based services consistent with PRC’s mission and strategic focus. The position will be part of the PrEP and Viral Hepatitis (Outreach) Department and the incumbent will work to improve the recruitment, linkage, and retention to care and improve better health outcomes for individuals who are positive for Hepatitis C and living in 12 counties in northeast Indiana.  The care coordinator will implement a client-centered approach with Hepatitis C (HCV) positive individuals and will assist them in accessing services including, but not limited to, health insurance enrollment, medical care and treatment, retention in care until virally cured, and HCV and HIV education and harm reduction.  The care coordinator will identify and build relationships with community providers for patient referral and conduct HIV and HCV testing (rapid and/or RNA testing if feasible) and harm reduction counseling, in accordance with the Indiana Department of Health’s Viral Hepatitis guidelines, targeting individuals most impacted by HCV infection in northeast Indiana.


Responsibilities of the Hepatitis C Care Coordinator’s position includes, linking HCV positive individuals to care and treatment; enrolling individuals in insurance if uninsured or referring them to a local insurance navigator; identifying medical providers for care and treatment; building relationships with local providers, hospitals, and other community partners including local health departments for referrals for viral hepatitis care coordination services; referring Hepatitis C positive individuals to internal and external community resources for continuum of care; scheduling medical appointments, when needed, and sending out appointment reminders; retaining Hepatitis C positive individuals in medical care and treatment until such time they are virally cured; conducting Hepatitis C and HIV testing and outreach targeting individuals impacted by Hepatitis C infection; and working closely with the Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Department in providing Hepatitis C case management services during the syringe services program.  The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring all program requirements are met as determined by the Positive Resource Connection, the Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, and the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH).

Other Requirements:

The incumbent must possess an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree (preferred) in medical field, social work, or related field and/or have 3 years experience in case management services, social services, or medical field; will be required to travel; work evenings and some weekends; have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and dependable transportation; possess excellent written and communication skills; and successfully complete IDOH’s HIV Prevention Counseling training course and HIV/STD Basic Training (HIV 101), Viral Hepatitis training, culturally competency training, Universal Precautions, and other trainings deemed necessary by the Positive Resource Connection, the Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, Damien Center, and the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH).  The incumbent must be comfortable in discussing sensitive topics and working with diverse populations, work independently and as a team, maintain strict confidentiality protocols, and be knowledgeable of STIs, HIV, and viral Hepatitis.

Job Responsibilities: Hepatitis C Care Coordinator:

  1. Identify and provide support to Hepatitis C (HCV) positive individuals. Assess and address clients’ knowledge, attitudes and beliefs regarding treatment and assess clients’ level of risk for treatment adherence.  Assess patients’’ intentions to initiate and comply with all required laboratory testing and treatment regime.  Provide education on HCV, HIV, and harm reduction.
  2. Ensure all appropriate documentation is completed including signature for enrollment form, release of information, and other forms. Ensure all required documentation including a copy of the patients confirmatory HCV test is maintained in client file.
  3. Conduct confirmatory RNA HCV blood serum testing, if feasible, on individuals who are at-risk for HCV infection and individuals who have tested reactive for HCV on a rapid test. Provide referrals to HCV RNA blood testing when applicable.
  4. Assess health insurance status of all individuals and assist in procuring or enrolling uninsured individuals in health insurance or linking them to a local insurance navigator.
  5. Provide patients with education about HBV, HCV, and harm reduction. Refer individuals for HBV vaccinations when appropriate.
  6. Develop and maintain strong working relationships with medical providers within the Region 3 for the purpose of referring patients and collaborating on their medical care and treatment.
  7. Build working relationship with new and existing community partners including inpatient/outpatient drug and alcohol treatment facilities, shelters, local health departments, and providers for referring HCV positive individuals to the VH case management program.
  8. Review and maintain up-to-date and accurate knowledge of existing and emerging scientific research regarding HCV prevention strategies, treatment, and related interventions.
  9. Assist in the navigation of scheduling appointments for HCV positive individuals for medical care and treatment and conduct follow-up scheduling when needed. Send out appointment or medication reminders as needed utilizing appropriate technology.  Assist individuals in the development of individualized adherence plan.
  10. Retain individuals in medical care and treatment. Monitor patients to ensure medication and treatment adherence until such time they are virally cured.
  11. Assist patients with sustainability planning and discharge patients from care coordination services upon achievement of sustained virologic suppression and establish extended care plan for ongoing liver monitoring
  12. Refer HCV positive individuals to additional community resources including, but not limited to, the Syringe Services program, STD testing, substance use treatment, and other social services in the program’s region to reduce barriers to treatment.
  13. Enter all new information on HCV patients in the state’s database for tracking purposes by the state. Update all relevant patients’ information as needed in the system. Document all patient encounters and other required data for database.
  14. Complete all required paperwork for HCV case management services and maintain appropriate patient files and timely documentation of services utilizing IDOH’s database. Submit and retrieve all blood HCV tests in Limsnet.
  15. Participate in HCV and HIV testing and outreach events.
  16. Meet program objectives and outcomes as outlined in the grant contract between the PRC, the Indiana Department of Health, and Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis. Submit monthly reports to immediate supervisor.
  17. Attend regularly scheduled calls and/or trainings with the IDOH, Damien Center, and/or Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis.

Job Responsibilities: Other

  1. Conduct HIV, HCV, and STI testing and to high risk individuals and follow all IDOH and PRC’s policies and procedures when conducting testing.
  2. Complete all required paperwork for individuals testing positive for HIV, HCV, and/or STIs. Submit all paperwork accordingly to IDOH and DIS for partner notification.
  3. Provide HIV/STD/Viral Hepatitis prevention education and/or outreach programs targeting populations heavily impacted by new HIV and HCV infection in Region 3.
  4. Attend and/or coordinate various agency events as required by the Executive Director, board of directors, the Director Grants, PrEP, and Viral Hepatitis, the Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, and/or Indiana Department of Health.
  5. Attend local and state trainings relevant to essential job requirements as determined by the Positive Resource Connection, Indiana Department of Health, and the Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis.
  6. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Grants, PrEP, and Viral Hepatitis and/or Executive Director.

To Apply:

Submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected] or mailed directly to PRC, 525 Oxford Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46806 Attn: Kandace Kelly